Sheri Rose-McCashin

Welcome to my West LA psychotherapy practice for individuals and couples seeking to work with a therapist.

I work with young and mature men and women experiencing situational or chronic symptoms of anxiety, depression, avoidance, and negative self-evaluation. 

I also work with couples who want to connect and deal with their differences instead of blaming, criticizing or dis-connecting.

Individual and Couples psychotherapy with me brings into focus direct experience of what you are sensing, feeling, thinking, doing, want, need, wish for.  As you get in touch with the meaning of your behaviors, it's function and impact, aware decisions and choices follow.

Together we attend to what's happening in the present moment, where and how you  get stuck and the role of your history and current context.  You can't make changes with out awareness.  Without awareness, your choices and options are automatic, habitual and limited.  

I support learning with curiosity, interest, humor, dialogue, authenticity and feedback.

Personal growth and healing. is just too good to be limited to crises.  Come with your crisis, respond to the immediate situation and continue working to grow your self-awareness.

Your growth will be evident as you notice being present and open ( instead of pre-occupied), that you're communicating directly and authentically instead of "people pleasing", that you're dealing with  differences and not trying to erase your opinion or another's, that you're making and owning your decisions (instead of avoiding, procrastinating or making other's responsible), that anxiety, worry, depressing and avoidance aren't your only options...

Successful individuals and couples know there isn't a quick fix, that their pace of growth is unique to who they are and the complexity of what they bring. Doing the work to change your way of being, is a commitment that can sustain you and the relationships you form and totally worth it!

I warmly welcome individuals and couples of diverse cultures, backgrounds and sexual orientations.