Individual and Couples Psychotherapy


In my individual and couples psychotherapy practice, I work with professionals who seek a better understanding of themselves and how to effectively deal with symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression and relationship difficulties.

I work with couples who are willing to work together to identify, and own their needs and vulnerabilities and understand their differences instead of argue, blame, criticize or withdraw.


The goals of individual and couples psychotherapy include growth in understanding and awareness, direct, clear communication, discovering the meaning, function and impact of choices and actions on oneself and others.

I do this work because I know that people can change the direction of their life.


You will experience growth as you become more present and open, communicate directly and authentically instead of "people pleasing", deal with differences rather than erasing your opinion or another's, make and own your decisions (instead of avoiding, procrastinating or making others responsible) and that anxiety, worry, depression and avoidance are not your only options...


Successful individuals and couples know that there isn't always a quick fix, that their pace of growth is unique to who they are and the complexity of what they bring. Doing the work to change your way of being, and the direction you're on takes a diligent commitment that sustains you and the relationships you develop and it's totally worth it!

Personal growth and healing is just too good to be limited to crises.  Come with your crisis, respond to the immediate situation and continue working to grow your self-awareness.

I warmly welcome individuals and couples of diverse cultures, religious beliefs and sexual orientations providing counselling primarily to West Los Angeles, Westwood, Brentwood, Pacific Palisades, Woodland Hills and Santa Monica.