Getting Started


People who have not had the support of a therapist are often unfamiliar with how to use the relationship for their benefit.  If this is your case, my suggestion is that you communicate this, what you need and want then give the relationship 3-5 sessions to see if you're a match.  Therapy is a safe place to get feedback, deepen your awareness  and emotionally grow.

Difficulty in relationships and life circumstances is disorganizing and fraught with anxiety, worry, frustration and depression. In part, these times are particularly stressful because your previous ways of coping are not working.  Rather, you may need to stretch and grow in new ways.

It takes courage to be open and vulnerable while looking at what’s actually going on for you. This effort will build your emotional and relational capacity. 

Typical Issues:

Anxious women, Couples who argue and fight, Workplace dynamics, Difficulties identifying what you feel, need, want and don't want from others, Women who have difficulties with sexual boundaries,  Getting over a Break -Up, Family history of alcohol abuse, domestic violence, physical and emotional abuse.

Typical Clients:

I work with diverse cultures, gay, straight, male, female and same sex couples.  Specifically:

  • Young Adults ( 20's and 30's ), Singles, Millennials, Gen X.
  • Couples, straight, same sex, and those in 12-Step Sobriety
  • Women in Recovery


Therapy helps you face struggles and challenges instead of avoiding them.   Being in an accepting and safe environment helps you accept yourself,  look at what's going on, and deal with the situation at hand.  This deeply personal and emotional growth builds your capacity to respond to all kinds of situations in your daily life.