Individual & Couples Psychotherapy Biography


I have  resided in Southern California for 44 years.  I enjoy the culture, weather, mountains and beaches which is similar to where I grew up on the northern coast of South America.  My ancestry is a mixture of East Indian, a bit of Brit, with a touch of Greek.

I first visited the United States  at the age of 8 when my parents pursued their masters degrees.  At age 13, my dad’s acceptance to  a Ph.D program prompted our permanent move to the United States to become citizens.

After completing my undergraduate and post-graduate studies I was very fortunate to gain clinical experience in a variety of settings over the past 26 years.  The scope of my experience includes psychotherapy in private practice, work with government employees and managers, intervening as an EAP therapist, debriefed critical incidences, and consulted with management on employee issues, military officers and enlisted men and women, hospital chaplaincy, community mental health, day treatment for individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia and supervising pre-licensed therapists.

In my free time I enjoy pop culture, current national and international affairs, gardening, cooking, time with friends and family, nature hikes, movies, theatre and involvement in my local community and neighborhood. Even though I enjoy being active I also find it essential to take time to reflect, think, feel and be.