By looking at my website you have already demonstrated that you are on your way to finding the help you need.

 Noticing and following up on your internal nudge is doing something different and creating movement towards change.

 Reaching out takes courage. For some it means you're ready to try something different and for others loss is the motivator.

Therapy is a safe place to explore, get feedback, deepen your understanding and discover choices which change the direction of your life.

Typical Issues:

Anxiety, worry, overthinking and not able to act, emotional and not able to think, procrastinating, avoiding, difficulty identifying and maintaining boundaries, sacrificing needs and wants in service of keeping a relationship, people pleasing tendencies, fear of abandonment, habitual patterns in relationships,  workplace dynamics, getting over a break-up, family of origin issues, couples who argue and fight without resolving issues, young adults adjusting to college. 

Typical Clients:

I work with professionals from diverse cultures, religious backgrounds and sexual orientations.  More specifically:

  • Adults (24- 45+)
  • Couples, straight, same sex, and those in 12-Step Sobriety
  • Women in Recovery


Therapy helps you face struggles and challenges instead of avoiding them.  Being in an accepting and safe environment helps you accept yourself,  sort out what's going on, and deal with the situation at hand.  This deeply personal and emotional growth builds your capacity to respond to all kinds of situations in your daily life.