Individual & Couples Psychotherapy Reviews

“Sheri helped me enormously when I was struggling with family issues. Over a short period of time, I learned more about myself, where I get caught and how to move out of it then I had working with other therapists. She is a great listener and a wise therapist. I highly recommend her”.

Anonymous Mar 16, 2020

“Sheri has been a godsend in my life. I came to her in a time of crisis, after I experienced a devastating loss. I was thoroughly knocked off my axis. Through our work together I was able to begin coping with experience, while also learning how to better to listen to myself, understand my wants and needs, and feel confident seeking for them to be met. She helped me get back on the road of my personal life journey, and begin new personal growth toward the healthiest and happiest life I can possibly lead.”

Adam – Feb 24, 2020

Sheri is the best therapy experience I've had in my adult life. I started my sessions at a very difficult time in my life and she was the best support to get me through it all. I still see progress in myself from things I learned during my visits with Sheri. She's knowledgable, polite, understanding and open minded. I was intimidated and ignorant about the ability of therapy working for me but after a couple of months, I realized how much my time with Sheri helped me progress in my personal attempt to understand myself better. My work with her still has positive side effects in my life and I hope to continue woking with Sheri in the future. Sheri helped me more than I can express in words. I am thankful for Sheri and the time I spent working with her.

Cristina M. – Mar 30, 2020

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